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Ortega about Rio 2016: No clear favorite for the gold

Three days before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio, KIF Kolding Kobenhavn coach Antonio Carlos Ortega talked for Handball-Planet.com about the favorites, new rules, but also Spanish absence from the Olympics after many years….

  • Everybody talking about crisis in Spain, it is clear that ASOBAL went don, but if you take in consideration international tournament, you can see that Spanish NT’s are still fighting for medal in almost all categories. That is a little miracle. ASOBAL is in crisis, but most of Spanish NT players are abroad. Absence is consequence of one bad tournament with a very bad luck – says former Telekom Veszprem coach, who has favorites for the medal positions:
  • France, Denmark, Croatia and Poland are in that group. And let’s see how it will go with Slovenia and Qatar.

Swedish NT coach Staffan Olsson stated that handball “becoming boring” with new rules…

  • I am very curious about that. My opinion is that at the end, teams will use seventh player only in special situations. For passive play, I think that will be better than before. Blue card isn’t bad for spectators, penalty in the last moments as well, but I don’t like “three attacks absence” rule – concludes Ortega for Handball-Planet.com.



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