Russian boss Shishkarev about Olympics: Girls have to know that success brings good financial future!

Russian national team will try to defend the gold medal from Rio at Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. The Russian Handball Federation president Sergey Shishkarev visited the girls in the preparation Camp to wish them a good luck, but also to make it clear, how much they will earn in case of success in Tokyo.

  • The main secret that will remain between us is the issue of bonuses, which I told the girls at the meeting. More than fifty days before the final. This is a very thorny, difficult path, filled with hardships, physical exertion. Girls all this time without husbands, without boys, without children, parents. This is very difficult. I want them to know that they will have a good financial future if they succeed at the Olympics. This is the secret that we agreed not to disclose to anyone. This is not the most important thing. I drew the girls’ attention to the fact that there are almost three generations in the team. One of the senior players is 36 years old, and some are in their twenties.
  • The main unpleasant news, with which the girls agreed, was that we agreed that we would not take mobile phones for meetings, trainings, or for meals. Because on the pitch, we don’t talk on the phone. We communicate in a human way, with emotions, views. We have social networks from dinner until lights out. The world of social networks must be left for a while. We need to concentrate, now the situation is fundamentally different than in 2016. Then we went to the Olympics as Cinderellas, no one was afraid of us. Then everyone understood that Russia is a team that is easy to win, – quotes Sergey Shishkarev as rsport.ria.ru .
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