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Serbs want further discussion about SEHA

Serbian Handball Federation wants a meeting of SEHA Assembly to discuss about position of their teams at SEHA GAZPROM League, who lost places after decision of SEHA Board for upcoming season 2016/2017. SHF was one of the co-founder of South Eastern Handball Association who established SEHA League which got a general sponsorship by Russian giant Gazprom in the third season of the competition.

However, in the last few months rumours pointed that Serbia has to lost one of two places in regional league due bad results of their teams. Unofficialy, Serbian answer to SEHA Board was “two teams or nothing” as it was impossible to change the system of domestic Super League in only few months.

At the end, two Slovenian teams replaced two Serbian, but some intentions of Serbian side still stay alive…


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1 Comment

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