SERGEI SAMSONENKO’s FIRST TROPHY: The right coach was worth waiting!

One of the happiest persons in the Novi Sad’s „SPENS“ hall was Sergej Samsonenko, the man which stands behind the new European Vardar project. With a smile on his face he was talking about his first trophy as a club’s head. New Vardar destroys all the obstacles, and the grand cup statue reserved for SEHA league winner comes again to Skopje, after 2012.

– I am happy, I feel great, thank you so much – these were the first words Russian businessman said to us, followed by comments about F4 tournament in Novi Sad:

– The tournament was very well organized. The league is young, so it’s quite natural to see omissions, but it’s improving year after year. This is the third season and things seem to function decently.

As the season reaches it’s finale, Vardar exceeds all expectations…

– Our goal on the beginning of the season was to win SEHA League and to reach TOP 16 EHF’s Champions League. Well, here we are in TOP 8, and whatever will come next…

Are you surprised by the way Vardar plays in last month?

– The team should be given the credit, each of the players and especially the coach. I’m quite lucky with him. I have made the right choice.

You have been searching for him a long time…

– Well, yes. I have spent a lot of time looking for him. It was worth waiting. He was the first coach I have negotiated right after Zoran Kastranović’s resignation.

Next stop is Flensburg, two weeks to F4 in Cologne…

– Flensburg are the favorites. I respect them, they play very attractive handball, probably the most attractive from all the German teams. As I said, they are favorites, but I’m hoping that our good play will lead us into position to make our chances 50 – 50. We want F4. Two tough matches are ahead of us. Everything is possible.

Are you going to enrich this season’s medals collection with some more, right after this one in SEHA?

– We’re taking step by step.

Vardar for the next season?

Will be even stronger. Many things will be familiar in next weeks. I can say that we have made arrangements with 4-5 new players, but 95% of the team stays.

Maqueda, Sterbik, Lacković?

– Good players – was the humorous and clever response by Samsonenko, not wanting to name players that will be leaving Skopje following summer.

– I don’t want to talk about it. We’re trying to inform public about everything. We also want to be honest and fair towards some players. We have 99% of agreements with new players, but signature is what’s to come, was Sergej Samsonenko’s conclusion.

translation: Maid Begic
photo: Aleksandar Djurovic

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