TOP 15 “BEST BUY” 2019/2020: Nielsen, Vailupau, Descat and Radivojevic flying in new jerseys!

Unfortunately, handball season is over almost three months earlier than it was planned. Corona-virus made a lot of problems to the whole world and handball as a part of it. We couldn’t count on a big finals of the Play-Offs and Final4 events as something where we can traditionally see “which players have been the best value for money”. We should made it based on performances from September to March, what was specific, arguable and definitely, not an easy job.

Player who made the biggest step forward in current season is the 23-years old Danish goalkeeper Emil Nielsen who came from Skjern to HBC Nantes and make a great start in one of the most demanding leagues and clubs in the world. Nielsen put fantastic Belarussian right wing Mikita Vailupau who exploded in jersey of Meshkov Brest in his first season away from the capital SKA Minsk, but also great first seasons of Hugo Descat and Bogdan Radivojević in the new teams.

Here is annual list…

TOP 15 “BEST BUYS” of season 2018/2019:

  1. Emil Nielsen (goalkeeper, Skjern – HBC Nantes)
  2. Mikita Vailupau (right wing, SKA Minsk – Meshkov Brest)
  3. Hugo Descat (left wing, Dinamo Bucuresti – Montpellier)
  4. Bogdan Radivojevic (right wing, Rhein Neckar Lowen – Pick Szeged)
  5. Bjarki Mar Elisson (left wing, Fuchse Berlin – TBV Lemgo)
  6. Petar Djordjic (left back Meshkov Brest – Benfica SL)
  7. Mads Christiansen (right back, SC Magdeburg – Aalborg)
  8. Dejan Milosavljev (goalkeeper, Vardar Skopje/MKD – Fuchse Berlin)
  9. Yahia Omar Khaled ( right back, Zamalek HC – Telekom Veszprem)
  10. Mohamed Mamdouh (line player, Montpellier – Dinamo Bucuresti)
  11. Vladimir Cupara (goalkeeper, PGE Vive Kielce – Telekom Veszprem)
  12. Sime Ivic (right back, HC Meshkov – HC Erlangen)
  13. Kai Hafner (right back, TSV Hannover Burgdorf – MT Melsungen)
  14. Luka Cindrić (playmaker, PGE Vive Kielce – Barça Lassa)
  15. Lovro Jotic (RK PPD Zagreb – Eurofarm Rabotnik/MKD)

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