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Alfred Gislason, Gudmundur Gudmundsson and Lino Cervar declared themselves as supporters of implementation of shot clock in handball game. would like to go more deeply in this topic. That’s why we spoke about possible „new rule“ with MVM MKB Veszprem’s coach Antonio Carlos Ortega:

– Shot clock can be more attractive for attack in our sport. We would have more attacks and with that more goals on every match – says Spanish coach and adds:

– Handball needs some new rules. I agree with that, but I am not completely sure that shot clock is one of them.

Handball would become even faster than now with that kind of rule…

– Yes, but isn’t fast enough now? Impact of shot clock could be less “specialist” players on the field. From the other side, “passive” attack rule is something too subjective. If we find maybe right duration of attack, clock shot can be good – concludes Ortega.




  1. Anders Denmark

    21. March 2014. at 20:23

    It would be idiotic to change handball into something American!! Handball is for specialist in defence and attack and to use your tactics to control a game. With a shot clock forget about surprised the best attacting team will ALWAYS win and win big. Would kill all exiting about the beautifull game!

  2. hartza0

    14. March 2014. at 07:50

    I agree with osgood in his second idea…….it will be very dangerous to limit the time de attack because I think the defenses will become much more aggressives and handball become a play where trainers, players and referees only work in the way of “knock, run and shot”……very dangerous in my opinion. It will be the end of artistic handball, more violence and less spectacle.

  3. martin

    11. March 2014. at 13:20

    Iam agree with shot clock in handball .

  4. José Luis Herrera

    11. March 2014. at 11:54

    I totally agree with the elimination of the passive rule, 100%…
    To avoid the game becaming more and more defenssive/agressive I opt for limited personal fouls per player, like basketball, so the game would be “cleaner” and more atractive for the fans of Handball…

    -Limited time when attacking: 35 seconds… With ball in play, If not, stopped time, like Basketball…

    -Limited personal fouls: 10 fouls per player…

    Of course, the 2minute sanction continues, red cards, etc…

    With both changes, easier for the job of referees and much more dynamic and atractive for the fans…

    It’s my opinion… and sorry for my “English”.


  5. Osgood

    11. March 2014. at 09:47

    I agree regarding the far too subjective nature of the decision on the passive rule. On the other hand, I am afraid that the shot clock would lead to the evolution of much more agressive defense tactics and techniques that would totally disrupt the flow of the attacking play and thus, the handball become less and less attractive.

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