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MIZUNO STARS in race for medals at Qatar 2015

The 24th Men’s World Handball Championship in Qatar began two days ago, providing already an amazing experience for all the handball fans across the globe by 24 best teams in this moment. Among them, some of the biggest names are going for the best possible results with new MIZUNO shoes, the brand name, more and more popular in handball community.

Viran Morros, Cristian Ugalde, Jorge Maqueda Pena, Gedeon Guardiola and Raul Entrerrios from Spain are the members of MIZUNO family, as well as four players from the golden French generation (Kentin Mahe, Cedric Sorhaindo, Kevynn Nyokas, Guillaume Joli). The same shoes in action you will see in the matches of Denmark (Lasse Svan Hansen, Jesper Noddesbo and Bo Spelerberg) and Croatia (Manuel Štrlek, Ivan Ninčević, Marko Kopljar, Jakov Gojun, Željko Musa, Igor Vori, Damir Bičanić, Ivan Čupić, Luka Stepančić, Filip Ivić and Zlatko Horvat).

The top scorer after two rounds of the Qatar 2015, Slovenian right wing Dragan Gajić flying on Mizuno same as his compatriots Jure Dolenec and Sebastian Skube.

In the opening match between Iceland and Sweden, handball world have seen a lot of Mizuno power – Jesper Nielsen, Patrik Fahlgren, Niclas Barud and Anton Halén had much more reasons for satisfaction in 24:16 victory over Alexander Petersson, Robert Gunnarsson, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson, Runar Karason, Ásgeir Örn Hallgrímsson and Sverre Jakobsson.

To get the latest updates on Mizuno players during the World Championships in Qatar, log on to their facebook page www.facebook.com/MizunoHandballor twitter https://twitter.com/MizunoHandball

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