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Peter Kukucka is new Kadetten Schaffhausen coach!

The former Slovakian playmaker Peter Kukucka will have a big debut of coaching career on the bench of the club in which he made the best of his playing time – Kadetten Schaffhausen. The nine-times Swiss champions ended cooperation with Danish coach Lars Walther and gave a chance to the former playmaker of the club, who worked as a youth coach.

  • It’s a big honour for me – said Kukucka, who will fight for the tenth title, while chances to reach EHF Champions League TOP 16 are only in theory…

PHOTO: Kadetten Schaffhausen



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  2. Benno

    9. February 2017. at 12:45

    I live here and I tell you, this man Behr is from another world. He is the dictator of this city.
    I cannot imagine how it is to work for him.
    Something must change here.

  3. Sisi

    8. February 2017. at 14:08

    You are right.
    Giorgio Behr did a lot of crazy things the last 10 years. He wants to be coach, President and everything else in that club.
    He can do that because he have money. But that doesn’t make him a professor in Handball.
    He is getting old and don’t know what the hell is going on any more.
    He should retire and enjoy his millions.

  4. Ingo

    8. February 2017. at 14:03

    What the hell is this stupid President doing ?????. Its the fourth Coach in four years. Last year Baur ?, now Walther.
    Something is very sick in that club.
    They also fired players during the season, like Karacic and Bliznac.

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