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Pfadi Winterthur lead 2:0 in Final series

Pfadi Winterthur are close to win the Swiss Championship after break in Schaffhausen, where away team win 33:28. Now is 2:0 in series and the next match will be played tonight in Winterthur.

This could be the first League title for Pfadi since 2004!

Kadetten Schaffhausen vs. Pfadi Winterthur 28:33 (15:19)

Kadetten Schaffhausen: Pilipovic (10 saves), Biosca; Montoro (1), Zehnder (2), Schmidt, Schopper (3), Bartok (4), Novak (1), Teubert (2), Gerbl (1), Maros (3), Schelker (4), Frimmel (5/1), Tominec (2), Herburger.

Pfadi Winterthur: Schulz, Wipf, Shamir (12 saves); Ott, Schönfeldt, Tynowski (8), Cohen (6), Dechow, Lier (2), Heer (1), Radovanovic (5), Jud (4), Bräm (1), Freivogel, Svajlen, Stojkovic (6).


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